The new TLC Show called #WhatSheSaid, hurts like a Mother.

This Mother's Day TLC launches a new show I'll be on called WhatSheSaid, where no stone is uncovered in the land of motherhood.  Funny, brutally honest, and why yes, embarrassing!

This (Sunday May 10th) Mother’s Day, TLC launches a new show  called WhatSheSaid.  If you like to watch mom’s fail on Pinterest crafts, fumble through social media tends, and basically make you feel like the best mom in the WORLD, you may want to set your DVR.  We did this sober and  still revealed too much and somehow don’t remember half of it.  Our spin-off show, will be “What She Shouldn’t Have Said” produced by comedian Stephanie Blum. We’d love you to check it out!  Happy Mother’s Day! xo Angela

From left to right.

Comedians, Stephanie Blum & moi, and bloggers Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClelland. The show also features Heather McDonald, Marisa Jaret Winokur, Cocoa Brown, Kelly Pryce, Michelle Villemaire, and Summer Stratton.

A few tips before you go to Transformers: Age of Extinction

Few tips to enjoy this film:

1) Bring earplugs.
2) Bring ibuprofen.
3) Don’t bring a baby to “sleep” during this movie.
4) Don’t bring a baby for ANY reason to this movie.
5) Know that your child will endure 2 hours and 45 minutes of violence, shooting, and explosions, and there will be no break.
6) If you are an adult and have had a stressful day, you will forget this while watching this movie.

And a few other things in 60 seconds…

What you may want to know before you take the kiddos to the movies.

America’s Got Talent 2013


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